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Backyard Blooms: DIY Garlands for Your Special Wedding

Backyard Wedding

Dreaming of a wedding filled with love, laughter, and maybe a sprinkle of fairy lights? Then, a backyard wedding might be your perfect match! Picture it: saying “I do” under a canopy of trees, surrounded by close friends and family, and all within the comfort of your own (or a friend’s) backyard. Add a touch of whimsy with DIY wedding garlands – a simple, budget-friendly way to infuse your backyard bash with personality.

Garlands Galore: Why They Work for Backyards

Beyond the charming aesthetics, here’s why wedding garlands are ideal for a backyard celebration:

Versatility on a Budget: Garlands are ridiculously versatile. You can drape them across your ceremony arch, string them between trees, or use them to decorate tables and chairs. They add pops of colour and texture without breaking the bank, perfect for a DIY-focused backyard wedding.
Customizable to Your Vibe: Gone are the days of cookie-cutter weddings. With garlands, you can pick the flowers, ribbons, and embellishments that match your style. Go classic with roses and white lace, or create a bohemian paradise with wildflowers and macrame accents.
Effortlessly Romantic: Garlands have a magical way of creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Think twinkle lights peeking through flower petals or fairy lights woven within the garland – pure backyard romance!
Getting Crafty: Your Backyard Garland Guide

Now, let’s get your hands dirty (in a good way)! Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating your backyard wedding garlands:

  1. Gather Your Supplies:

Flowers: Fresh or silk, the choice is yours! Go for seasonal blooms for a touch of nature (think sunflowers in summer or peonies in spring), or opt for silk flowers for a more durable option.
Base Material: Twine, yarn, or even fishing line can be the backbone of your garland. Choose something strong yet flexible that fits your aesthetic.
Greenery: Eucalyptus, rosemary, or even olive branches add a touch of freshness and fill in gaps between flowers.
Tools: Scissors, wire cutters, and a hot glue gun are your crafting allies.

  1. Flower Power:

Fresh Flowers: Pre-condition your flowers by cutting the stems diagonally and placing them in cool water for a few hours. This keeps them fresh for the big day.
Silk Flowers: Silk flowers require minimal prep, but you can still fluff them up and arrange them to look more natural.

  1. The Garland-Making Magic:

Decide on Your Method: There are many ways to construct a garland. One popular technique is to secure the flowers, greenery, and embellishments directly onto your twine with floral wire or hot glue. Another fun option is to create individual flower “stems” by wrapping floral tape around wire and then attaching the flowers to the wire. These “stems” can then be woven into the base material.
Start Small & Build: Create smaller sections of garlands first, then weave or tie them together for a longer length. This allows greater control and makes it easier to adjust the overall look.
Don’t Forget the Details: Weave in ribbons, lace, or even fairy lights to add a personalized touch.
Garland Inspiration for Your Backyard Bliss:

Feeling stuck? Here are some ideas to jump-start your creativity:

Rustic Romance: Combine burlap twine, baby’s breath, and mason jar lids wrapped in lace for a vintage charm.
Beachy Vibes: For a coastal touch, combine shells, starfish, and sea glass with white or cream-coloured flowers.
Bohemian Dream: Mix wildflowers like daisies and lavender with eucalyptus and macrame accents for a free-spirited feel.
Beyond the DIY:

Don’t have the time or inclination to craft your own? No worries! Plenty of online stores and local crafters specialize in creating beautiful wedding garlands.


Weather Watch: If using fresh flowers, be mindful of the weather. Opt for heat-resistant blooms for a hot summer day, or choose sturdier flowers that withstand a bit of rain.
Colour Coordination: Pick garland colours that complement your overall wedding theme. Stick to a few key shades for a cohesive look.
Less is More: While garlands add charm, don’t overdo it. Overcrowding your space can diminish the intimate feel of a backyard wedding.
With a sprinkle of creativity and a dash of DIY spirit, wedding garlands can add a personal touch to your backyard wedding, transforming it into a space that reflects your love story. So, grab your flowers !!!

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